Edgeborough School: From T-Shirts designed by a Royal Academy Artists to Teamwork and Bake Sales: Meet the Golden Cheetahs!


Edgeborough School: From T-Shirts designed by a Royal Academy Artists to Teamwork and Bake Sales: Meet the Golden Cheetahs!

Four passionate and energetic boys, Charlie, Harry, Isaac and Tom, also known as the Golden Cheetahs, took part in this year’s Flight Centre Schools Triathlon at Charterhouse. It’s the first year they’ve taken part fundraising for Restless Development.

The four Golden Cheetahs showing off their t-shirt (designed by brother Alfie).

Cheetahs are fast, majestic and ferocious. Running at an outstanding 70 miles per hour, these boys certainly got their inspiration from this remarkable animal!

Teamwork leads to dream work

In the name of team spirit, the group of Golden Cheetahs trained together. Heading to the fields at Edgeborough School, they got on their bikes and rode around the bumpy track. They ran and swam as long as they could to train for the big event. Determination and resilience runs through the course of their feline veins.

Two Golden Cheetah teammates training together

Baking their way to the bank

To fundraise for the event, the Golden Cheetahs baked their way to the triathlon; making everything from brownies and flapjacks to cupcakes and victoria sponges. The 4 bakers took their cakes to the local cricket club, and provided the hungry players and spectators with a hard earned post-match treat!

Along with other fundraising activities, they raised a grand total of £530 on their JustGiving page.

Golden Cheetah team member training for the triathlon

Looking the part

The Flight Centre School Triathlon is an event for everyone, not just the triathletes. There are numerous ways family members and friends can get involved. 

Golden Cheetahs Charlie’s brother Alfie, designed the team’s t-shirts. Taking inspiration from the team name, he created a striking design a beautiful cheetah, known for its speed and endurance, on top of the golden orange background.

The four Golden cheetah boys with their t-shirt designer, Alfie

As well as a T-Shirts designer, Alfie is an artist in his spare time. Two of his art pieces were selected to be in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition this year. He even sold one of his pieces, ˜Mars Bar’, for £1,700“ not every team can say they have had their t-shirts designed by a famous artist!

Alfie stood beneath his self-portraits in the RA.

Alfie’s piece titled 'Mars Bar’

Alfies piece titled 'Self Portrait With Cat’

Well done to the Golden Cheetahs for the amazing hard work you put into fundraising for Restless Development. 

Thank you to all the incredible participants and supporters who are part of the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon, organised by Restless Development. This year we raised £465,000, taking our total to over £1 million in the 4 years the triathlons have been taking place. These young change-makers are raising vital funds for Restless Development, that goes towards projects in Africa and Asia which support young people in setting up businesses and tackling issues they face, to elevate themselves, their families, and communities, out of poverty.