Terms and Conditions


Last updated: 23rd February 2024 


These rules (“the Rules”) apply to the Knight Frank Schools Triathlon events (each an “Event” and together “the Events”). By registering for an Event, you agree to comply with these Rules. Please check this page from time to time, as we may occasionally amend these Rules and any changes will be binding on all participants and supporters.

These rules will govern an individual's participation in the Event and will, together with the Online Registration Form, the Online Confirmation and any other terms and conditions referred to herein, form the contract between that individual and the "Organisers", Restless Development (registered charity number: 1127488) and Threshold Sports Ltd ("Threshold")

If you have any questions, please contact the Schools Triathlon team on 0207 633 3350 and a member of the team will be happy to help you.

All the Events are organised by Restless Development (registered charity number: 1127488) and Threshold Sports Ltd.

Participant Entry

1. The Events are eligible only to all children in school years 3-8. We reserve the right to ask participants that are outside these school years to withdraw from any Event where their participation is not permitted. We reserve the right to refuse entry to an Event, with no refund, to any participant who falls outside these parameters.

2. We will only accept entries to an Event on the day where we are satisfied that it is safe to do so, given that each Event has an allocated capacity that each Event team must adhere to, and the contact details for all participants must be held in advance in the case of an emergency.

3. Full and accurate parent/guardian contact information must be provided for each participant in the registration form. These are required in the case of an emergency. If one parent in the team has completed the registration form on behalf of the entire team, and used their contact information for children that they are not the parent/legal guardian of, we reserve the right to withdraw this team from any Event.

Knight Frank Schools Triathlon Participants

1.  Only registered participants who have reached their minimum fundraising requirement (£50) are eligible to take part in the Events and receive a certificate.

2.  Children must be accompanied by their parent, legal guardian or responsible adult who is over 18 (who has the consent of the parent/legal guardian) (“Adult”) who will accompany them throughout the course by keeping pace with their progress from the course side-line. The accompanying adult will not be permitted on the course for health and safety reasons.

3.  All participants will be provided with a running number in their Race pack on the day, which the participant must wear during the Events.

4.  Due to the risk of entanglement, child participants must not wear any hair slides / jewellery during the Event.

Entry Fees 

The Knight Frank Schools Triathlon does not charge an entrance fee for the Events.


All participants wanting to take part in an Event in a wheelchair must contact the Schools Triathlon team on 0207 633 3350 to confirm that the course is suitable for wheelchairs.

Changes and Last Minute Arrangements 

1. Once registered, you can only transfer to another Event or start time with our permission. There are strict capacity limits for each Event and start time, and it is important for health and safety reasons that neither the Event nor the start time exceeds its individual capacity. If you wish to transfer to a different Event or (where applicable) start time please contact us on the telephone number given at the top of these Rules. 

2. Participants arriving late must abide by the instructions and decisions of the Event Manager or their representative at the admin tent. For health and safety reasons it is possible that latecomers will not be permitted to take part.

3. We reserve the right to refuse entry to participants who try to take part in the wrong Event distance or start time without prior approval (see rule 1 above).

4. We reserve the right to reduce or alter Event courses to accommodate any unexpected complications on the day that may have an impact on Knight Frank Schools Triathlon and Restless Development staff, participants, volunteers and spectators. 

5. Teams must have at least 3 members to participate and receive a finish time. 

6. Teams or individuals  who drop out of the event are not eligible to be refunded any sponsorship money which has been raised. 


1. All participants and supporters must abide by the Rules and any rules, instructions or regulations displayed or given on the day of the Event by police and/or Event officials. 

2. We respectfully ask that all participants and supporters do not use aggressive or abusive language towards our Event organisers, marshalls, officials, volunteers and other participants. You should also avoid behaving in a way which may cause injury or harm to other participants and/or spectators, or which may cause offence or damage the reputation of The Knight Frank Schools Triathlon or Restless Development.

3. Restless Development opposes the promotion and use of tobacco in all its forms. All participants and supporters are therefore required to refrain from smoking tobacco products or e-cigarettes at all Events.

4. We respectfully ask that all participants and supporters do not drop litter but instead use the litter and recycling facilities available within the venues and around the course or take litter home to dispose of responsibly.

5. We regretfully ask that participants and spectators do not bring dogs to Event venues.

6. We reserve the right to ask participants and supporters to leave an Event if they do not adhere to these Rules, and no refunds shall be given in these circumstances. 

Health & Safety and Medical 

1. Parents and/or legal guardians of participants are responsible for ensuring that they are sufficiently fit and healthy to take part in their Event(s). Anyone unsure of their participant’s physical ability to take part in an Event must therefore seek medical advice from a general practitioner prior to the Event.

2. Notwithstanding rule 1 above, we reserve the right to refuse entry to an Event in our absolute discretion, with no refund provided, if for whatever reason we consider a person unfit to take part. We may also ask you to withdraw during an Event if we have concerns about your ability to complete it due to fitness, injury or otherwise. If you choose to continue you do so with the understanding that you are no longer considered a participant of the Event and that you absolve us of all and any responsibility, and progress entirely at your own risk.

3. Parents and/or legal guardians of participants are responsible for ensuring that participants are wearing appropriate attire (including footwear) when taking part in an Event, taking into account the nature of the Event, the weather forecast and the terrain involved.

4. We take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of injury to participants during fundraising events. Stringent risk assessment processes are in place for each and every Event which aim to minimise or eliminate the risk to everyone taking part. By taking part in an Event, all participants acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks. If you have any concerns or queries please contact us on the relevant telephone number given at the top of these Rules before agreeing to take part in an Event. 

5. We provide the event day medical team with a list of all participants and emergency contact details. If any incidents need escalating they would provide us with a written report. By registering for the Schools Triathlon you are consenting to your information being shared with our event day medical team. 

Sponsorship Money and Donations 

1.  All participants have a legal responsibility to ensure that all sponsorship monies/donations received in connection with an Event are paid to Restless Development, and we ask that you make the payment by the week following the Event to ensure that your child receives their certificate. Ways to pay in sponsorship monies/donations are as follows:

a.  Online via JustGiving – after being offered a place at the Knight Frank Schools Triathlon, you will be asked to set up a JustGiving page for each participant. There are two important actions you must take when setting up a JustGiving page: 1) please ensure that you connect your JustGiving page to our charity, Restless Development; 2) please ensure that you connect the JustGiving page to the correct event, for example Knight Frank Schools Triathlon Marlborough 2023. Money pledged via online fundraising pages is collected automatically.

b.  Offline via bank transfer – please find the detail online at https://www.schoolstriathlon.org/contents/1802-fundraising-offline or contact a member of the Knight Frank Schools Triathlon team at schoolstriathlon@restlessdevelopment.org.

c.  Offline via cheque – please make this payable to  "Restless Development" (stating the participants full name, team name, and event on the back) to:

Knight Frank Schools Triathlon Team

Restless Development

4th Floor

35-41 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7RL

If you would like to claim Gift Aid on all offline donations, please request an offline sponsorship form to complete in full and return to us via post or email.

2. Sponsorship money can be accepted on the day of the Event via cash, cheque, or via debit or credit cards at Event venues. Payments are to be made at the Restless Development merchandise stand. These payments cannot be refunded. 

3. Sponsorship payments via JustGiving, cash, cheque or bank transfer cannot be refunded. 

Data Protection

1. Data supplied for the Schools Triathlon will be made available to the Event Organiser and Restless Development, for the purposes of fulfilling the event:  Knight Frank Schools Triathlon. The details you provide are necessary to fulfil the event and will be kept in accordance with Restless Development’s data retention period. Restless Development’s data policy can be found in full here

2. As part of the entry process, parents/guardians will receive communications from Restless Development directly relating to this entry. This will include necessary information such as race information, start times, reminders in line with your commitment to fundraise as well as information about the organising charity, Restless Development. Contact via email/phone may also include information about how you can get hold of Schools Triathlon merchandise and offers from our partner organisations. 

3. Restless Development will also contact parents/guardians who opt in to communications from Restless Development with updates relating to the impact the fundraising has had, campaigns, events and other opportunities to get involved in our work. 

4. As title sponsor of the Schools Triathlon, Knight Frank will contact parents/guardians who opt in to communications from Knight Frank with updates relating to the property market, new home spotlights and advice.

Use of your information

1. By providing your information when you register for an Event, we will use this information for the purposes of organising, staging and administering the Event. If you provide personal information on behalf of additional entrants, please only provide this if they have confirmed that they are happy for you to do so as we will use this information for the same purposes. In the case of an emergency we may also pass personal details provided (either when registering for the Event or on the reverse of your Event number) to the emergency services or health care professionals, and also use them for the purposes of contacting your emergency contact.

2. First aid facilities will be provided at each Event. If you are treated by medical providers at an Event, your details may be passed on to us only for health and safety purposes and to fulfil our legal obligations (including those under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995).


All participants and spectators enter and attend an Event entirely at their own risk. We shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss to participants or their property that might occur as a result of their participation or attendance at an Event, other than in respect of any injury or loss arising as a result of our negligence. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this clause shall exclude or limit our liability for any liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law. 

Filming and Photography at the Events 

1. By registering for the Schools Triathlon, the parent/guardian of the entrant has given their consent to have their child/entrant photographed and/or videoed by Restless Development (or our authorised service providers and agents). Our commercial partners may film and/or photograph participants, volunteers and spectators taking part or attending Events and use such footage or photographs for the following reasons : (i) for Restless Development to publicise the Event for commercial and/or fundraising purposes including, but not limited to, advertising, publications, marketing material, merchandising, and other documents that may be made available to the public; and (ii) for our commercial partners to publicise their involvement and/or association with the Event.

2. No personal details (including names) will be used in any publicity materials without the written consent of a parent or legal guardian, but we may use images where children are incidentally included e.g. of mass participation on the starting line.

3. Subject to rule 2 above, please only register a participant under the age of 16 if the participant’s parent/legal guardian (as applicable) are happy for their images to be used in the manner described in these Rules.

4. Anyone not wishing to appear in photos or film must wear an additional wristband (red) so that although we can’t guarantee your child’s picture won’t be taken, we’ll ensure those photos or film clips are not used. These wristbands will be available for collection from the registration stand on the event day. . 

5. There may be photos or videos taken by others at the Event over whom Restless Development UK has no control.