Royal Russell, Schools Triathlon

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Triathlon Year Group Relay


Please note, the ballot for our Royal Russell Schools Triathlon Event 2024 is now closed as the event has reached maximum capacity. We are unable to accept anymore entries at this time. 


Are you ready to be part of the UK's biggest sport fundraising event for children?

On Sunday 19th May 2024 over 750 7-11 year olds from local schools will come together in teams of four completing relays of swimming, cycling and running whilst raising money for Restless Development and local charities. 

Restless Development knows the importance of youth leadership, and how young people have the power to drive change around the world together. By listening and asking questions, Restless Development creates programmes that are designed to have the largest impact in every community we work in. Young people deliver every project, whilst training and mentoring other young people so they too can lead change in other places. Multiplying leadership is the most effective way of ensuring lasting change can be made on a global scale. By taking part in the triathlons, every child is having a huge impact and contributing towards something incredible across the globe.

Distances (Individual/Team)

Year Group      Swim Cycle Run
Year 3 & 4 50m/200m       1000m/4000m       750m/3000m      
Year 5 & 6 50m/200m 1000m/4000m 750m/3000m


How to register:

1. Get yourself into a team of 4 and click 'enter now'. 

2. To enter the ballot, one lead parent will enter the team's details: team name, team members' name and all four parents' email addresses. 

3. Once you have been moved from ballot to registration, each parent will receive an email, follow the instructions and complete registration.

4. Set up your JustGiving page and start fundraising!

5. Event day! (Course information and kit lists will be provided closer to the event day.) See you at the finish line!


Restless Development knows how important charitable giving is for your school’s community. Supporting children to think of their wider role in the world, to encourage giving at an early age, and to support their learning to think of the needs of others and how they can make a difference.

Pupils will be asked to raise a minimum of £50 to take part with a target of £100. Restless Development will provide tons of resources to help the passionate triathletes reach their target, including fundraising packs and friendly support. Fundraisers will be awarded a certificate for achieving their goal.

Fundraising Structure

£0 - £50 will be donated to Restless Development

£50 - £100 will be donated to your schools chosen charity

£100 + will be donated to Restless Development

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