Event Format

The swimming pool is approx 5 minutes away from registration.
The whole team should be at the pool 20 minutes before their start time so they can register and be permitted into the changing rooms to get ready.
Teams will then be called from the changing room for a briefing.
Race format:
  • The first swimmer will be directed to safely enter the pool and must hold onto the side before the race begins.
  • Once they have set off, the second swimmer will be directed to safely get into the water.
  • Once the first swimmer has completed their leg and touched the end, the second swimmer can start.
  • The first swimmer will get out of the water and the third swimmer can get in the water.
  • Once the fourth and final swimmer has completed their leg, the clock is stopped and that counts as their swim time.
  • The whole team can then go back to the changing rooms to get ready for the bike and run.
  • As soon as everyone is changed, they must head back to the bike pen, collect their bikes and head to the bike leg area.
Please note the timing only re-starts again when the first cyclist begins their cycle.

Participants are not permitted to ride their bike around the school grounds whilst in transition
Race format:
  • The first cyclist will put the timing chip on their left ankle and walk their bikes to the clearly marked start line.
  • The first cyclist will then set off on their bike leg whilst the others wait in the transition area.
  • After completing the correct number of bike laps, the first cyclist comes back to the transition area, they will dismount when they are told to do so and go meet their teammates in the transition area.
  • The first cyclist will unstrap the timing chip from their ankle and pass it to the second cyclist. When the chip is on their ankle, they can go to the start line and begin their lap(s).
  • When the fourth and last cyclist comes back to the transition area, they will walk their bike back to their teammates and hand the timing chip over to the first runner.
Please note: the transition period is not timed and therefore doesn't need to be rushed. Teammates must stay put when the competitor has completed their leg and safely swap the chip.
Year 7 & 8 will complete 2 laps of the course, this will be clearly marked.

Once cyclists have placed their bikes back in the bike pen, they can go to the running area.
The first runner must have the timing chip on their left ankle.
Race Format
  • The first runner can start their leg.
  • Once the first runner comes past the finish line (but does not cross the finish line) having completed their correct number of laps, they will turn into the Run Handover Pen where they will pass the chip to the second runner, who will then complete their leg and so on.
  • When the third runner hands the chip over to the fourth and last runner, the first three runners need to walk up to the other side of the finish line so that when the last runner comes into the finishing straight, all four runners can run as a team over the finish line.
  • The team finishes when the timing chip is over the finishing line.

Once the team has crossed the finish line, the timing chip needs to be removed by a member of staff. All chips must be removed and not taken away with the participants.
Once the chip has been removed, each competitor will receive a medal and a water bottle full of goodies at the end of the finish line.
Please collect all your belongs and bike from the bike pen before your leave.