Kit List

What to bring on the day 


Clothing and Equipment do's


Please arrive with your swimsuits on under your clothes to make time in the changing rooms quicker.
Swimming caps and goggles are encouraged but are not compulsory.
After the Swim, you can change into your bike/run clothing and put your wet clothes in your bag which can either be passed to your parents/spectators or kept with you in Transition.



When you change into your bike/run clothing, please make sure you pin your race number to the front of your top.
It is compulsory to cycle wearing a helmet, you must have your own helmet but you may share bikes with your teammates.
The bike route is mainly on grass with a short section on tarmac – there are loose stones in some of the areas going onto the grass so please take additional care in these sections.



Normal running shoes are the only footwear allowed for the run leg.
The run is on grass – should it be wet then please take extra care.
Please ensure you have sufficient warm clothing as there is some waiting around for teammates.