#TriThisAtHome FAQs

How does #TriThisAtHome work?

We have taken the essence of the Schools Triathlon and turned it into a fun activity the triathletes can do at home. 
To complete the challenge participants are required to partake in each exercise (shuttle runs, shuttle hops and star jumps), timing three minutes to see how far they can go.
Team (if you can connect via video call): Taking it in turns, each member will have three minutes to do their first exercise. Whilst one person is doing their challenge, the other members can time, count and cheer. 
Once all four have done the first exercise, they can move onto the second and then the third in the same format. 
Individually: Triathletes can complete all three exercises consecutively or with breaks in between - this is completely up to them! Once all four members of the team have done their three exercises, they can connect, share distances and add them together to send them in. 
Distances will be cumulative, we will have a team scoreboard and an overall distance travelled across the whole challenge by all participants. 
Participants and teams will be awarded virtual rewards for their achievements. 

Calculating and submitting the distances

Once each participant has completed their shuttle runs, shuttle hops and star jump, they can then calculate their distance. 
Shuttle runs: if the marker distance is 5 metres and the participant has run 60 laps in three minutes (a lap is one way = 5 metres), multiply the distance between the marker by the number of laps e.g. 5m x 60 = 300 metres.
Shuttle hops: if the marker distance is 5 metres and the participant has hopped 20 laps in three minutes (a lap is one way = 5 metres), multiply the distance between the marker by the number of laps e.g. 5m x 20 = 100 metres.
Star jumps: if the participant has jumped 180 star jumps in three minutes then this will equate to 180 metres (1 star jump = 1 metres). 
The participant can then calculate their total distance by adding these numbers together, so 300 + 100 + 180 = 480 metres. 
The other three participants will use the same method. 
The four team members can add their total distances together to get a team total distance. 
The team's total distance will be the number parents/guardian will submit by emailing schoolstriathlon@restlessdevelopment.org with the team name and school.

What if my child is in a team of three or five?

Like the Schools Triathlon, teams are required to complete the challenges as a four
If there are three participants, they will need to account for a fourth member. For example, each member can do one exercise of the challenge twice.
If there are five participants, each member can complete the challenge if they wish, but the team can only calculate and submit a total of four entries. Which four distances is entirely up to the team. 

What if my child can’t do one of the exercises?

Like the Schools Triathlon, if one participant can’t do an exercise another team member can step in for them for that exercise. Team members could choose to swap exercises so that they still complete three each. 

What if 5 metres can’t be marked out?

Participants can mark out whatever length they wish depending on their given space. It’s important to remember that whatever the distance is between the marker, this will be the distance multiplied by the number of laps for the shuttle runs and shuttle hops. 

Can my child do it inside or outside?

It is up to the triathlete, wherever there is enough space and where the parents/guardians are happy with that space being used for the challenges. 

How often should my child do the challenge?

As often as you like! The more teams do the challenge, the further they will go! They will also be rewarded with virtual prizes when the app is available.

Should I hop on one leg or two legs?

This is completely up to the triathlete. Feel free to switch, or do whichever is preferred. 

How can my child video with their team?

There are many ways video calls can be made these days; FaceTime, HouseParty App, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatApp Video and others. Use whichever one works best for the whole team. 
The triathletes could find a time in the day to do the challenge together.
The triathlete can find somewhere to rest their device when it is their turn so that they are visible or ask someone to help.

What if my child can’t connect with their team on video call?

Some participants may find it hard to connect to their team via video call, whether it’s lack of reception or difficulty in coordinating a set time. 
Participants can complete their challenge individually. Teams can then connect and calculate their overall team distance. 

What if my child can’t connect with their teammates to calculate distances?

Not to worry, just submit individual distances and we will add them together for you. 

Social Media

Make sure lots of photos, videos and Tik-Toks are taken throughout, including screenshots or videos of the video call. 
Upload media to Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @SchoolsTriathlon. Make sure to use the hashtag #TriThisAtHome.
Or email it to us and we will upload it. 

Will the Schools Triathlon still go ahead in September?

We are committed to hosting the Schools Triathlons in September as long the guidelines permit it. However, we are taking precautions and putting on an extra virtual event on Sunday 28th June. 

What is happening on Sunday 28th June?

Schools Triathlons will be hosting the largest virtual sporting event aimed at young people. 
Triathletes will complete the challenge in their teams (if possible) over video call or in person, depending on current restrictions. Going as fast as they ever have done before and seeing how far they can go. 
This will take place on the same date for everyone who is taking part across the country. There will be a live tracker of the cumulative distance to see how far everyone is virtually travelling together.
It will be huge and thrilling. Connecting thousands of superheroes across the country, competing and raising money to support young people around the world who are tackling COVID-19.


Why is it important to fundraise? 

Restless Development relies on the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of vital income raised by our amazing triathletes each year to deliver essential projects across Africa and Asia - working with young leaders to change lives for the better. Your support is helping young people like Millicent, a 17-year-old girl, to thrive in a leadership role within her community that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible due to the stigma faced around gender. Young people need your support now more than ever to tackle and respond to this global health crisis.
Given the current situation, our ability to engage in external activities is limited, however acts of giving not only helps other people who need the support but also releases dopamine and makes us feel better. Fundraising will connect your child to the outside world and boost their mental health.
Teen Tips have loads of resources on young people and their mental health and wellbeing.


My child has feedback, what can I do?

Triathletes' feedback matters to us. As a youth-led organisation, we want to ensure young people’s voices are heard and acted upon. Any feedback or ideas will be valued. Please let us know via schoolstriathlon@restlessdevelopment.org as we’d love to hear from you!