Coronavirus FAQs

Swapping a team member? 
  • If one team member can’t make it, we can easily swap people in and out. As soon as you have found a replacement please get in touch via email at to arrange the swap.
Can’t make the new date?
I’m moving school from where I first registered?
  • The Schools Triathlon is open to 7-13 year olds. If you are currently in Year 8, we unfortunately won’t be able to secure your place for 2021. However, for those who have left school, we will extend into Year 9 for September 2020 so that you can still take part. It’ll be a nice opportunity to reunite with friends and represent your old school one last time.  
  • If you are in Year 6, or have left your previous school for any reason, we’re very happy for you to take part in the same team with your friends. 
What if I’ve ordered merchandise?
  • T-shirts and hoodies will be delivered to the school you are registered with. These will be delivered a few weeks before the events. If you have left the school, we will keep the t-shirts and hoodies aside to give them to you on the day - please just let us know. 
The importance of fundraising:
  • Restless Development relies on the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of vital income raised by our amazing triathletes each year to deliver essential projects across Africa and Asia - working with young leaders to change lives for the better. Your support is helping young people like Millicent, a 17-year-old girl, to thrive in a leadership role within her community, that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible due to the stigma faced around gender. Young people need your support now more than ever to tackle and respond to this global health crisis.
  • With 4,300 young people taking part in our Schools Triathlon this year, we hope to raise over £500,000. Young leaders such as Milicent and many more like her rely on that vital funding to be raised in April and May, and whilst the events are moving to a later date in the year, in order to help us keep all of the projects and programmes running we really do need the funds in the coming weeks.
  • If you are able to fundraise online through JustGiving, then please set up your JustGiving page and aim to raise your sponsorship money as soon as possible. If you’re fundraising offline, and need bank details then please email us. The commitment you’ve made to raise a minimum of £50 with a target of £100 makes such a huge difference to people’s lives around the world.
  • The Restless Development team is here to support you every step of the way with your fundraising. Please contact us if you have any questions or to find out more about the impact of your support. 
How can I still fundraise? 
  • We’ll be sending you plenty of tips and ideas on how to fundraise whilst being indoors! Remember fundraising is FUN. Could you get paid for doing extra housework? Send personalised messages to all of your friends and family asking them for a donation to your JustGiving page? Go through your room and sell any toys and books you don’t use anymore whilst helping tidy up? Got a birthday coming up? Why not set up a Restless Birthday Party! June from The Study School set up an online fundraiser for her 8th Birthday and raised over her target. Or a sponsored silence (it might be appreciated!)? 
  • Now is a great time to also get crafty! You could try to make quirky vases out of glass bottles? Or coasters using bottle caps and a bit of fabric? Draw and paint! You can make frames out of lolly sticks and set up your own craft stall! George from Elstree School even made jam to fundraise for Restless Development! Check out our Top 17 Tips here. 
Need help setting up your JustGiving page? 
  • After feedback from last year, we’ve made it easier than ever before to set up your JustGiving page! JustGiving is an online fundraising platform which allows you to track your goals, join a team to see how your fundraising is contributing to a shared goal, and to keep all your sponsorship money in one place. 
  • To set up your page, please log on to your accounts via using the same email and password you used to register. When you see your entry, you will be able to click 'set up JustGiving'. This will take you through to JustGiving where it will automatically create an account for you. Creating the JustGiving page is the last step of completing the registration process, so please email us urgently if you need help setting this up.
How can I personalise my page?
  • Did you know that adding photos to your JustGiving page means you’re likely to raise 14% more? Personalising your page brings your supporters and sponsors along with your journey! When you’ve logged onto JustGiving, click on ‘personalise your page’. You can then ‘edit your page title, summary and story’ and personalise it to yourself. Click ‘save and continue’ to preview how it looks. Then get sharing and watch the sponsorship come in!