Restless Development

We are about one thing: youth leadership. 

More than ever the world needs young people’s leadership to solve its greatest challenges. 
Restless Development supports the journey of a young person to become a leader and helps them multiply that leadership in their communities and around the world. 
Every year we train, mentor, nurture and connect thousands of young people to lead change.


Our vision and mission.

We formed in 1985 and have been working with young people ever since. Our vision for 2030 is that young people everywhere are able to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world.
But, in many places, instead of being listened to and supported to lead change, young people are often ignored and overlooked. Our mission is to change that by supporting young people to be leaders. This includes working with young people to identify problems and work on solutions in their communities, and it also includes supporting young people to advocate for long-lasting change that gets to the root causes of issues, like youth unemployment and climate change.
The road map for how we will achieve our vision and mission is outlined in our Strategy and Agency Plan, which are updated every five years.