Restless Development







We generate young leaders. We multiply young leaders. We support the journey of a young person to become a leader and help them multiply that leadership in their communities and around the world.

Every year we train, mentor, nurture and connect thousands of young people to lead change in their communities and the world at large. Some are social entrepreneurs setting up businesses to provide for their families and create local jobs, others are youth advocates, campaigning on issues like gender equality, climate justice, HIV and many others. No matter what issue these young leaders focus on, they are all working to achieve the same goal: improve their lives and the lives of people in their communities.
We are activists, advocates, researchers, campaigners, volunteers, staff, partners working side by side to grow and multiply youth leadership around the world.

Where we work

We are led by nine Hubs across the world. These Hubs not only deliver projects, but offer expertise, support and innovation for young people and partners around the world.
We have been working with young people since 1985 and our work is led by thousands of young people every year.

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Restless Development is a registered charity no: 1127488