Restless Development (Old)

We generate young leaders. We multiply young leaders. We support the journey of a young person to become a leader and help them multiply that leadership in their communities and around the world.

Restless Development, created in 1985, is the leading global agency for youth-led development. Over half of the world is under 30 years old, with 9/10 of these young people living in underdeveloped countries. We believe this is a massive untapped resource, so every year we train, mentor, nurture and connect thousands of young people to lead change. Our vision for 2030 is that young people everywhere are able to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world. We work with young people to support them as leaders. We are at a moment in history where the will, determination and experience of the world's largest generation of young people has never been more crucial to our collective future. Whether leading their communities to tackle COVID-19, adapt to the effects of climate change, ending epidemics like HIV/AIDS for good, or using technology to hold governments to account for their commitments, young people are changing their lives and the lives of people in their communities and countries.
Restless Development works in some of the largest youth populations around the globe and have developed our strategy by listening to thousands of young people across the world. This consultation revealed that young people have unified priorities for specific changes that they want to see. A programme which we are incredibly proud of is our STEM for Girls in India. Despite growing opportunities in STEM fields, women in India continue to be under-represented, with only 14% in STEM careers against the global average of 26%. This is compounded by India accounting for nearly half the digital gender divide worldwide. This programme gives girls the skills and confidence they need to pursue careers in STEM. In 2019, we trained 30 young people who supported 8,000 girls to transition from education to employment, with 3,500 girls certified in computer coding. 
We have one global leadership team, called the Restless Leadership Team, and Hub leadership teams.These teams work alongside our global and national boards, providing strategic direction, and oversight over areas such as risk, impact and performance. Our Restless Leadership Team is made of leaders from six countries, and is majority women and majority people of colour. Three young leaders from Peru, India and Zambia join two Hub Directors in Zimbabwe and India, and our co-lead CEOs and two Directors based in the UK. putting distributed, diverse leaders at the heart of how we lead.







Restless Development is a registered charity no: 1127488